The Pennine Way A Poem A Day

I’ve been and gone and walked the Pennine Way again, for the fifth time! This time as well as completing my summit camps I was on a mad mission to write a poem a day. These were well received on my social and I was implored to put them together into an actual book, so – here it is, my first book. It’s on Amazon, I’m sorry the price is a bit high but it’s full of colour photos and that puts the cost up. Some of the photos and some of the anecdotes are off my blogs but it’s quite nice to se them rearranged into a slim volume. I think clicking on this image will take you to its page on Amazon. Thanks for looking.




  1. John Gardiner · · Reply

    I was gifted this book at Christmas and finished it this morning. A thoroughly enjoyable, quirky and inspiring read.

    I’m fortunate enough to live in north west Durham so have pretty easy access to the most northerly parts of the route but there are some sections I haven’t yet seen. So onwards and definitely upwards once it’s on the cards again.



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    1. Thanks John that’s really kind of you to say so. Let’s hope we’re all back on The Way soon 😉


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