The Pennine Way in Eighty-Three Sleeps

Pennine Way enthusiasts (or planners) might be amused to see this diagram, which I painstakingly drew for my book. It shows all the places on the trail where I’ve slept. Using the word ‘sleep’ loosely.

Only three of my five PW completions (so far) are exhaustively (or exhaustingly) described on here, June 2016, October 2016 and August 2018. When I first walked the trail in April 1999 I don’t think trail blogging had been invented and I didn’t carry a camera, they still used film and mine was enormously heavy.

In a radical departure, I’ve described my fifth completion in an actual book (there should be a tasteful commercial to the side of or below this post) of photos, reminiscences (some lifted from my blogs) and poems. It’s available on Amazon in all territories including the USA, in paperback or Kindle (although as it’s full of colour photos it doesn’t really work properly on old-school black & white Kindles). The poems were mostly written on the trail, but came out as fairly general-purpose meditations on hiking life. It’s been suggested my book would make a nice seasonal gift for any trail-hiking enthusiast although, as always when you spend weeks working on something, I’m personally sick of the sight of it. Merry Christmas!


  1. Ooooo Andrew. You do spoil us! I will buy the book. It better be as well written as your blogs or I shall demand a refund 🙂

    Love the map at the start of this post showing your overnight stops.


  2. Now ordered. Amazon says I have to wait until after Christmas for delivery 😦

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    1. Thanks very much David. Some of the writing in the book is lifted from the blog, especially at the beginning when I was trying to kickstart the thing, but much of it is new, I hope you enjoy it 😉 Appreciate your support, merry Xmas etc.


      1. By coincidence your reply to my comment arrived literally as I was opening the Amazon package containing your book. So it didn’t take as long as Amazon had threatened. I look forward to reading it.

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      2. Spooky! Thanks again. Now going into hiding… 😉


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