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Black Diamond Trail trekking poles: tip replacement

Good and ready for another couple of thousand miles…

Merrell Moab Trail Shoes – The Immortal Destroyers

If you have Merrell Moab-shaped feet, lucky you…

A Pennine Way Gear List

In response to several queries as to the practicality of walking the Pennine Way with just a 30 litre rucksack…

Trekkertent Stealth, a compact but reliable ultralight tent.

A tent that’s designed and made in the UK by people who themselves hike and camp in the British hills.

Salomon X-Ultra Trail Shoes

After another few days the whole lace situation became slightly alarming…

Inov-8 Mudclaw 300 Trail Running Shoes after 2500 km

Having idly considered the matter for at least several minutes and, more to the point, found a half-price sale, I bought some of these funky shoes. They’ve been brilliant!

bivvy bag micro tarp home made from silnylon

Making a Micro-Tarp

My first venture into the murky and laborious world of MYOG – Making Your Own Gear…

summit to eat camp foods

Freeze-Dried Camp Food by ‘Summit to Eat’

Am I converted to freeze-dried camp food? Hmm…

moorland trek hike walk

Montane Ultra Tour 40 Backpack – Frameless, not Blameless.

For you personally the Ultra Tour 40 might be the best pack in the world…

garbh allt sutherland rhiconich scotland highlands

Waterproof Hiking Boots – why I just say ‘no’.

I’ve come to regard heavy, ‘waterproof’ footwear as a waste of money and even counterproductive.

pennine way yorkshire trig point trail path long distance england moorland

Poles Apart – Alpkit Carbonlite Trekking Poles.

Open eyes and realistic expectations…

The Gloves are Off – Gear Reviews!

Golden Rule of Gear – to get less, you have to pay more….