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way dales national trail park england

Pennine Way Blog 2: Day 13

I packed up grumpily and stomped out into pitch darkness…

dales national park england limestone karst landscape

Pennine Way Blog 2: Day 12

You need to take a distracting interest in something…

three peaks yorkshire dales

Pennine Way Blog 2: Day 11

By halfway down I felt a fool…

Pennine Way Blog 2: Day Ten

Quite apart from the bog issue…

yorkshire dales moors pennine way national trail

Pennine Way Blog 2: Day Nine

My head told me to stop…

waterfall county durham cow green

Pennine Way Blog 2: Day Eight

A campsite for amphibians…

Pennine Way Blog 2: Day Seven

I tried to look artistic, hoping in vain for spare change…

Pennine Way Blog 2: Day Six

He don’t much care for houseguests…

Pennine Way Blog 2: Day Five

Nobody had said a thing, which was nice…

hadrians wall long distance walk trail hike

Pennine Way Blog 2: Day Four

I’ll keep quiet if you will, OK?

pennine way national trail england long distance hike walk trek

Pennine Way Blog 2: Day Three

I half expected to be awoken by Wildebeest…

pennine way long distance national trail england

Pennine Way Blog 2: Day Two

I wished him well, perhaps a little emotionally…

pennine way

Pennine Way Blog 2: Day One

So much for the ‘prevailing wind’ argument…

summit pennines camping trekking hiking backpacking cumbria long distance national trail england

Pennine Way Blog – North to South

The Perverse Pennine Way – walking the ‘wrong’ way, north to south, and largely spurning indoor accommodation.

cheviot hills northumberland long distance national trail path walk hike uk

Pennine Way Blog 1: Day 19

Prizes were awarded…

russell's cairn pennine way long distance national trail england walk hike trek

Pennine Way Blog 1: Day 18

This gate is the cosmic portal…

pennine way northumberland england long distance national trail moorland peat

Pennine Way Blog 1: Day 17

There, is that enough schadenfreude…?

long distance national trail england north walking hiking

Pennine Way Blog 1: Day 16

The haunt, surely, of trolls…

northumberland england pennine way roman fort picts border national trail

Pennine Way Blog 1: Day 15

The fence your bestie, the sedge your nemesis…

pennine way campsite tent swings walking hiking long distance trail england

Pennine Way Blog 1: Day 14

Slaggyford presents a dilemma…