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A Pennine Way Gear List

In response to several queries as to the practicality of walking the Pennine Way with just a 30 litre rucksack…

Trekkertent Stealth, a compact but reliable ultralight tent.

A tent that’s designed and made in the UK by people who themselves hike and camp in the British hills.

The Pandemic Pennine Way – Itinerary

A quick summary of my 2020 itinerary, mainly just to show how flexible and informal a Pennine Way can be.

The Pennine Way in Eighty-Three Sleeps

Pennine Way enthusiasts (or planners) might be amused to see this diagram, which I painstakingly drew for my book. It shows all the places on the trail where I’ve slept. Using the word ‘sleep’ loosely. Only three of my five PW completions (so far) are exhaustively (or exhaustingly) described on here, June 2016, October 2016 […]

Coast to Coast – Norfolk to Wales 4

I just plonked the bivy down rather informally on the towpath. A couple of dog walkers said hello, but after that I had the place to myself…